Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you?


Join us as a distributor and unlock exclusive benefits with our exciting Welcome Packages:


A. 🌟 Junior Package


🌟 For a once-off purchase exceeding R15,000 and reaching 4-star 1000BV, you’ll receive:

🎁 Green World Smart Watch (Value R1500)


B. 🚀 Advance Package 🚀 


Elevate your wellness journey with a one-time purchase of over R60,000, reaching 5-star 4000BV. You’ll enjoy:
🎁 Green World Napkin (Day or Night Use, Value R4000)
🎁 Free Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer (Value R12000)


C. 🌐 Health Expert Starting Package


Become a wellness expert with a once-off purchase exceeding R300,000, reaching 6-star 20000BV. You’ll receive a comprehensive health and business kit:

🎁 Health Monitoring Instrument Kit: Height and Weight Scale, Blood Pressure Monitor, Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer (Value R15000)
🎁 Health Massage Cabin (Value R30000)
🎁 Foot Massage Machine (Value R5000)
🎁 Detox Machine (Value R10000)
🎁 Green World CIS Kit: Logo, Poster, Banner, Gazebo, Marketing Umbrella (Value R10000)
🎁 Green World 30th Anniversary Trip in China (R30000)

Step into a world where wellness meets opportunity.


Join Green World today and let’s create a healthier, wealthier future together! 🌿💚

The journey to a healthier lifestyle starts by joining.

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