Balsam Pear Tablet


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Brief:It regulates the blood sugar level.

Size:600 mg x 60 tablets


Green World Balsam Pear Tablet takes extract of balsam pear and American ginseng as its key ingredients. Polypeptide P in balsam pear extract safely and steadily lowers the blood sugar level through repairing the pancreas and improving the secretion of insulin by islet β cells. It also increases the insulin sensitivity as well as alleviates diabetic complications. Ginsenosides in American ginseng extract improves the body’s adjustment of blood sugar. The quassin in balsam pear extract can stimulate the secretion of salivary gland thus reliving the thirst and mouth dryness of diabetics.

Recommended Use:
• For those who have elevated blood sugar level or diabetes.
• 2-3 tablets each time, once daily.

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Balsam Pear Tablet