Balsam Pear Tea

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It improves type 2 diabetes with its hypoglycaemic effect.

Two unique phytonutrients in Balsam pear make it a natural plant for diabetes. One is charantin which demonstrates the hypoglycaemic effect on diabetic people. It also increases insulin sensitivity of the cells. Another phytonutrient is lectin which is known as “plant insulin”. With its hypoglycaemic effect, Green World Balsam Pear Tablet can alleviate type 2 diabetes as well as relieve thirst and also improve the metabolism of fat.


Recommended Use:

• For those with elevated blood sugar or lipid level.

• For those who want to control body weight.

• For those who are overweight or obese.

• 1 sachet in a day. The same sachet serves about 5 cups (approximate half a liter) of tea.



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Balsam Pear Tea

R254,00R349,00 (-27%)

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