Ginkgo Biloba Capsule


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Size:500 mg x 60 capsules


It lowers the blood cholesterol, improves memory, counteracts the tissue damage due to anoxia and iron-deficiency, as well as delays aging.

Ginkgo biloba is widely touted as a “brain herb” for its benefits in preventing memory loss and senile dementia, as well as improving brain functions. Using ginkgo leaves extract as the key ingredient and adopting cutting-edge high-tech biotechnology, Green World Ginkgo Biloba Capsule boasts the first choice for boosting brain and blood vessel health with its richness of flavonoids and ginkgolides. Each capsule contains over 9.6 mg of Ginkgo flavonoids which dilate the blood vessels, lower the serum cholesterol, relax the smooth muscles and improve blood supply to the brain. The ginkgolides activate the cells and counteract the tissue damage due to iron-deficiency.


Recommended Use:
• For those who have high blood pressure, high blood lipid and high blood viscosity.

• For prevention of age-related diseases and delaying senility.

• 2 capsules each time, once in a day.


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Ginkgo Biloba Capsule