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It tranquillizes, soothes the nerves, induces sleep and improves sleep quality.

Good sleep is essential for optimal health and poor sleep quality significantly affects your cognition, performance, safety and overall health. Green World Ishine Capsule supplies nerve system with nutrients and oxygen, harmonizes the balance between excitement and inhibition of pallium cells, restores the normal conduction of cerebral neurotransmitter. It regulates sleep, brings the sleep from the shallower to the deeper, and helps induce to the sleeping state. Green World Ishine Capsule improves climacteric insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, and waking up with a start at night.


Recommended Use:
• For those who have poor quality sleep or sleep disorders such as insomnia, troubled and dream disturbed sleep

.• 1-2 capsules, 10-15 minutes before sleep.



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Ishine Capsule