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It prevents ovarian dysfunction, osteoporosis, breast hyperplasia and delays aging.

Green World Soy Power Capsule contains soy isoflanones extracted from fresh soybeans. It regulates the estrogen levels in two ways. When ovary dysfunction occurs, it works as estrogenic promoter. In the case of high level of estrogen caused by hormonal imbalance, it demonstrates anti-estrogenic effects by binding to estrogen receptors and mimics the effects of estrogen in some tissues. So this product can reduce the risk of hormone-associated disorders like breast hyperplasia and fibroid. Enriched with ganoderma powder, Green World Soy Power Capsule is beneficial for lack of energy, memory loss, mood swings, sweating, osteoporosis, low libido in women. In terms of menopausal women, it can relieve the symptoms, maintain the vitality and delay aging.


Recommended Use:

• For women with insomnia, dreaminess, and mood swings.
• For women with decreased estrogen and those in peri- or post menopause.
• For preventing infertility, breast hyperplasia, breast cancer or osteoporosis.
• For women who want to improve their skin condition or quality of sexual life.
• 1-2 capsules each time, 1-2 times in a day.




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Soy Power Capsule