Eye Care Softgel


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Size:800 mg x 60 softgels


It helps alleviate eyestrain, prevent and relieve dry eyes and vision loss, as well as protects eyesight.

Green World Blueberry Eye Care Softgel is rich in natural antioxidants – anthocyanins. Working synergistically with OPC – grape seed extract, they prevent capillaries from being damaged by free radicals. Known as “repairman of capillaries in the eye”, anthocyanins assist in the regeneration of rhodopsin, a key pigment in retina important to dim vision. This product can improve the micro-circulation of the eyes thus alleviating eyestrain. Rutin, one of its components, can reduce the damage of retina by radiation of blue light with a short wavelength.

Recommended Use:

• For those with impaired vision.

• For those who use eyes intensively, such as students, office workers, drivers, etc.

• For those with diabetes to prevent or alleviate diabetic retinopathy.

• For adults: 1-2 softgels each time, once in a day;
For children: 1 softgel each time, once in a day


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Eye Care Softgel